Patio Cleaning Chelsea

It is an obvious statement to make but any stone tiles fitted externally will experience an onslaught of deteriorating factors. The instant the tiled floor is laid it will start to be affected by weather fluctuations, moisture fluctuations, footfall, dirt and much more. The following information has been put together after a patio cleaning job we completed in Chelsea.

These factors really do challenge the tile’s ability to stay clean and many of our clients are frustrated with the fact that they look dirty so quickly. Another concern is that individuals feel as though when cleaning their exterior stone tiles that they always reach a less than satisfactory result.

Cleanign Patio Tiles Chelsea

It is vital that when considering cleaning your patio tiles that you are equipped with the machinery required. This machinery works at its best when combined with cleaning solutions that are stone-specific and high-strength.

Patio Cleaning Products:

It is important when selecting cleaning materials that they are compatible with the type of stone that you are cleaning. Inappropriate selection can result in damage to the tile’s surface.

This patio that we cleaned in Chelsea had experienced years of wear and tear with ingrained dirt to the tiles and grout lines. The owners felt that it was unsightly and didn’t know where to start when considering cleaning it.

Patio Cleaning Chelsea

Our trade machinery was able to deep clean the tiles efficiently and our knowledge of the best products meant that the tiles were cared for correctly during the cleaning process. The grout lines were ingrained with dirt and needed deep cleaning.

Once this cleaning work was complete, we then protected the tiles with a stone sealer. This is often the stage that is skipped when completing DIY stone cleaning. You will likely spend a lot of time cleaning the tiles to then see them promptly return to their weathered look.

It is important to seal the tiles so that they offer resistance against water spills, weather changes, direct sunlight and foot traffic. The tiles were transformed and the owners were absolutely ecstatic about their restored stone floor. Call today to enquire about patio cleaning on 020 8958 3492.